Stephan Meister, TWIKE Technician, Switzerland, I have worked in the Service and Maintenance Center in Marthalen, Switzerland. And I assembled some TWIKEs for the TWIKE CHALLENGE 05 to The Black Sea. I have a lot of experience in repairing TWIKEs. I'll do the US-TOUR 05. To contact me please send me an E-Mail:


Martin Frischknecht, TWIKE Technician, Switzerland, he works for Wärtsilä, Sulzer Engines, as a superintendent. He will also do a part of the US-TOUR 05 together with Stephan Meister. He is very experienced in repairing TWIKE Gears and in the TWIKE mechanics.


Carl Gulbronson, C & C Industries, United States of America, Carl is an importer, manufacturer, distributor and dealer for cycles and alternative vehicles. He owns also a local Bike shop in his home town. It is called Edina Bike & Sport It is the only bike shop in a town of 50,000 people. He organises the US-TOUR 05 in Amerika and he owns some TWIKEs. E-Mail


Martin Möscheid, FINE MOBILE GmbH, Germany, he works for the manufacturer of the TWIKE and he is responsible for the TWIKE Production, Development and Maintenance. He is working for TWIKE since many years and he is one of the most experienced TWIKE ingenieur.
He supports the US-TOUR 05 from the headquarter of TWIKE in Rosenthal, Germany. E-Mail


Mike Patterson, FINE MOBILE GmbH, United States of America, he is working for FINE Mobile GmbH as the Director of North American Operations. He is right now preparing the DOT approval and arrange the US contacts. If you have any questions to TWIKEs in America, contact him on


Margaret James, Chicago, United States of Amerika, she owns a TWIKE from S-LEM and bougth it from Kent Hermsmeyer. She has done over 600 km around Chicago. She has registered the first TWIKE in US of Amerika officially. She absolutely loves her TWIKE! It won´t take long, till everybody knows Margaret and her TWIKE in Chicago!


Walt Breitinger, Val Paraiso, United States of America, since the mid 1970s, Walt Breitinger has been riding and promoting a diverse series of unique alternative vehicles designed to reduced pollution, improve health, and entertain family, friends, and thousands of bored and weary commuters (and an occasional police officer) in Northwest Indiana. He owns TWIKE 262 and has driven 57'000 km!


James C. Jackson, Cincinnati, United States of America, he owns TWIKE 492. It is a really nice red active TWIKE. He lives on a beautiful road. He is in the management of


Tom Jannke, Hartford/CT, United States of America, he owns TWIKE 159 and lives in a nice farm 8 miles away from the east coast in Connecticut. I didn´t visit him.


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