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25 TWIKE are on the road in the United States of America. But there is no maintenance and service center located right now. The manufacturer of the TWIKE, FINE MOBILE GmbH is opening a TWIKE Center in the US soon.
Stephan Meister left in the middle of October 2005 for central US to maintain all the TWIKEs there. The NEWS about this tour have frequently been updated on this US TOUR 05 WEB. This site is part of the TWIKE CLUB WEB and divided in four parts: NEWS, TOUR, PICTURES and PEOPLE. Have fun and thanks for your visit!

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I am back home in Switzerland. I had a really interesting Tour. More TWIKE in US are back on the road again now. If you like to get any pic in a higher resolution let me know.
All the best for our North American TWIKE Drivers and happy twikeing!

TWIKE testdrive in Minneapolis

02th - 05th November, Minneapolis, a new TWIKE is born!

I did work for Carl Gulbronson in these last days of my visit in US. He owns one functional TWIKE, a crashed one and two kits. The main aim, to get as most TWIKES as possible up and running. 4 days - 4 TWIKES. But the first one took 2 days for the normal service. 2 days left, to assemble a new TWIKE.
Today, saturday night, a new TWIKE is born! It was really nice, to go with a new TWIKE on its first ride. There is still something to do on the TWIKE, for example fix the brakes and do some lights on it, but it is up and running well. The first mile is driven.
How to build a TWIKE, see pictures!

TWIKE Production in Minneapolis

30th / 31th, Chicago, TWIKE 433

Two weeks ago, Margaret James ordered batteries for her TWIKE. To install them, we passed Chicago again on our way back. We installed the batteries and did a first test drive downtown Chicago! Martin and me could take really nice pics of the TWIKE in front of the Chicago skyline. Enjoy it!

TWIKE in Chicago

27th / 28th, Cincinnati OH, TWIKE 493

We visited James C. Jackson in Cincinnati. He owns an absolutely beautiful red TWIKE. We really enjoyed our stay there. We also met some funny cats and we went for dinner to an excellent chinese restaurant.
A local university class wanted to know more about the TWIKE and we showed them a presentation of the TWIKE and some Challenge 05 pics.


26th, New York, Washington D.C., Package arrived!

We visited in the last couple of days NYC, Washington D.C. and a swiss friend in Connecticut. We had a really interesting trip east. Our package with all the parts we need, arrived on Tuesday in Valparaiso. We are now in Valparaiso to pick up the package. We proceed now tomorrow to Cincinnati to James TWIKE 492. See our pics here .


20th, wrong package at the wrong place too late!

I did send all my spare parts in advanced to the States. The parts should have been arrived since one week. And today arrived a package, but the wrong one. It was a delivery of lamps instead of TWIKE parts. The package label was correct, but it was delivered with the wrong box! That were really bad news.
The package should now arrive tomorrow. Let's hope!


17th - 20th, Margaret's TWIKE in Chicago

After Martin arrived last monday, we went to Margaret in Chicago. She showed us her interesting apartement. We had a really good and comfortable time there. Our first TWIKE ride brought us to a Mc Donalds.
Margaret is a musician. She teachs at some theatres and musicals. She is a really interesting person. The "TWIKE" with "Margaret" in "Chicago" is a wonderful combination!
She got her TWIKE officially registered with an Illinois-Registration plate. That is the first registered TWIKE in the USA. It looks absolutely fantastic! More pics here .


15th/16th, traffic jam in Chicago, TWIKE 262

I went up early last Saturday because I had a big program. Everything was prepared well in Minneapolis and I was ready to leave Minnesota. I drove my car to Chicago. 400 km in 3,5 hours, I was on time ... but then, I was stuck in a long traffic jam. It took me again 3,5 hours to drive just through Chicago. I ended up at 6 pm at my next TWIKE, Waltīs TW 262. I intended to be there by noon... but now, itīs Sunday evening, most of the work is done. Iīll leave tomorrow for Margaretīs TWIKE in Chicago! See pictures !


14th, Reparing the first TWIKE in Edina/Minneapolis, TW 458

Today I prepared all the tools I need for my tour. On the picture you can see my mini van and the TWIKE 458 from Carl. I will do my tour with this Chrysler mini van. The transmission was broken 3 weeks ago. But it is prepared now and I did drive my first TWIKE-Miles in the US. I will leave for Chicago on Saturday. See also PICTURES .

Carlīs TWIKE in Minneapolis

13th, Happy landing in Minneapolis/US with American Airline

I had a nice flight to Minneapolis with stop in Chicago. I am now at Carlīs home in Edina, Minneapolis where I also found my "First US TWIKE" at Carlīs Garage! Iīm 7 hours "behind" you in Europe, itīs time to go to bed! More tomorrow ...

Landing in Minneapolis

13th, Flight to Minneapolis/US at the 13th of October 2005

My flight to Minneapolis/US will take off next Thursday the 13th of October 2005! I'll be back in Switzerland at the 7th of November 2005. Bye!

Take Off in Zurich

08th, Preparing Parts and Tools for the US-TOUR 05

Such a long tour far away from home and far away from all TWIKE Service Centers must be prepared really carefully. First of all, I had to analyse the TWIKEs in America. I tried to figure out the parts and tools they probably need.
The parts are now ready for shipping. They need to be delivered next Thursday at my arrival in Minneapolis.

Preparing Parts in Gelterkinden/CH

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